PICO, as your reliable partner for cargo surveying and inspection services, is a team of experienced marine surveyors who are dedicated to providing our clients with accurate and timely information about their cargo. We offer a wide range of services, including cargo inspection, quantity & quality assessment, cargo damage assessment, and more. Our expertise covers a variety of cargoes, including dry bulk, liquid bulk, containers, and project cargoes…

Our Services include:

–        Draft survey

–        Cargo tallying

–        Pre-shipment survey

–        Cargo damage survey

–        Project cargo (oversize, overwidth): loading monitor, lashing approval…

–        Marine warranty survey (MWS): identify key and critical risks, assess ship/gear/facilities, and safety approval before lifting.

–        Supervise cargo handling, stowage, loss/damage preventative survey

–        Bunker and bunkering survey

–        Unloading supervise/cargo outturn survey

–        Vehicles unload condition survey

–        Container condition by IICL

–        Containerized cargo stuffing survey

–        Stowage & lashing approval for project cargo on flat rack, open-top containers.

If you’re looking for reliable and accurate cargo surveying and inspection services, look no further than Marine Cargo Survey. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you protect your cargo and your business.