In the dynamic world of the maritime industry, ensuring the safe and secure transport of goods and personnel across oceans is of paramount importance. To safeguard against potential risks and mishaps, the role of Marine Warranty Survey Services (MWS) becomes indispensable.

At PICO, we offer MWS services with a comprehensive approach to risk management. Our team of experienced surveyors ensures that all parties involved in cargo handling are well-informed and equipped with the agreed-upon procedures and calculations. We foster a culture of collaboration and consistent, efficient communication.

Our Marine Warranty Surveyors help verify that the insurance policy’s warranty clause requirements are met, and that operations adhere to the approved procedures outlined in the transport manual or method statement.

Upon approval of procedures and calculations, our warranty surveyors attend and oversee loading, securing, and, when necessary, discharging operations to ensure strict adherence to approved procedures. They are readily available to assess and approve any on-site procedure adjustments necessitated by site-specific conditions.

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