PICO offers comprehensive hull and machine damage survey services for all types of vessels. Our experienced surveyors inspect thoroughly and assess the condition of a ship’s hull and machinery, providing detailed reports and recommendations for repairs and maintenance.

Our H&M damage survey services include but are not limited to:

–        Damage survey for hull and machinery

–        Estimate cost of repair, loss /reserve value

–        Supervise repair / restore process for H&M loss

–        Investigate for cause of loss, and recommendation

–        Comment liability on loss and claims, loss adjuster, the general average consultant

–        Collision surveys for FFO, and comment

–        Towing survey, towage and lashing approval

Our accurate, timely and professional report survey provides a reliable basis for your decision making, and bring you peace of mind for the safety, legality of the vessel, as well as mitigating the unreasonable repair costs.

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