PICO is a trusted source for accurate and dependable information regarding the quality, safety, and compliance of various products such as crude oil, MO/GO/KO/FO product oils, LPG/LNG/LAG, chemical products (including aromatizes, solvents, halogen compounds, amine compounds, isocyanate compounds, and inorganic compounds), as well as vegetable oils.

Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced surveyors who utilize standardized technical methods to ensure that our services meet your expectations and provide you with exceptional experiences.

Please let us know which of the following inspection services you require:

  • Inspection for determining the number and volume of goods.
  • Inspection of goods during the loading process onto vessels.
  • Inspection of goods during the unloading process from ships.
  • Sampling and analysis services.
  • Inspection to identify cargo loss or contamination.
  • Inspection to assess hygiene and cleanliness of cargo holds.

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