About us

PICO, The Pacific Inspection Joint Stock Company, holds the distinction of being one of the pioneering enterprises in Vietnam’s import and export inspection industry. We specialize in inspecting imported and exported goods, equipment, and various modes of transportation, as well as offering construction supervision and related services. Founded during the market-opening period, PICO benefits from the expertise of experienced assessors, long-standing experts, and senior managers from Vinacontrol. As a result, we have established ourselves as a professional organization in the fields of import and export goods inspection, sampling and analysis, marine and transportation inspection, and technical property and risk assessment for construction projects within Vietnam and abroad. Our team consists of highly qualified professional experts, assessors, and staff experienced in the field. Additionally, we collaborate with reputable subcontractors specializing in analysis which are verified to meet VILAS – ISO/IEC 17025 standards for their calibration services. With our expertise, professionalism, and trusted network of partners, PICO is confident to deliver the utmost customer satisfaction in every aspect of our operations.

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The Pacific Inspection Joint Stock Company (PICO), is committed to the values ​​mentioned in the United Nations Charter of respect for human dignity, fundamental rights, and social justice as well as respect for human equal rights.

The Code of Conduct serves as a consistent guideline for all of our decisions and actions through our system. We establish minimum standards to ensure that all of our suppliers and business partners are committed to complying with our principles.

PICO Principles:

  1. Uphold the dignity and individual rights of both employees and third parties involved in business relationships with PICO.
  2. Denounce and prohibit the use of forced child labor.
  3. Provide protection against involuntary labor, human trafficking, and slavery.
  4. Adopt a zero-tolerance policy towards employee discrimination based on factors such as race, national or ethnic origin, pregnancy, marital or parental status, age, religion or relief, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic as defined by international anti-discrimination laws.
  5. Ensure that employees receive fair wages, treatment, working hours, working conditions, and legitimate benefits.
  6. Adhere to international laws that promote safe, healthy, and favorable working environments.
  7. Adhere to the European Union laws that protect the privacy of all employees’ personal data.
  8. Allow freedom of speech without fear of retaliation. Any employees who have been subject to retaliation for speaking up should contact PICO’s human resources department for assistance.

PICO and its management are accountable for guaranteeing conformity with the Code of Conduct, as well as implementing a robust quality management system that can monitor and address any issues that arise in a timely manner.

The official PICO website, located at www.picovn.com, contains the published Code of Conduct, in addition to the Code of Ethics and the Code of Compliance.

The Pacific Inspection Joint Stock Company (PICO) adheres strictly to its established Code of Ethics to ensure compliance with ethical standards mandated by Vietnamese and international laws in the industry.

  1. Integrity

PICO ensures that all inspection work is carried out with professionalism, impartiality, and fairness. Any manipulation that distorts PICO-approved inspection methods and procedures or influences inspection results is not tolerated.

The inspection report generated by PICO contains unbiased data, analysis results, and other information, demonstrating good faith and having not been altered for unauthorized purposes.

PICO’s reports and certifications represent factual findings, professional opinions, or achieved results.

  1. Conflicts of interest

PICO takes measures to prevent conflicts of interest that may arise from financial or commercial relationships with external entities, as well as those that require PICO to offer services.

PICO prevents conflicts of interest that may arise between its various branch offices and divisions engaged in different activities, but that may provide services to the same clients or to one another. PICO also ensures that its employees avoid any conflicts of interest with the company’s activities.

  1. Confidentiality and Data Protection

PICO respects the security and privacy of customer information and ensures adequate procedures are in place to protect this information.

PICO considers all information received in the course of providing services as business secrets that should be kept confidential, must not be disclosed, not provided to third parties and must not be used in the public domain.

  1. Anti-bribery

PICO has banned the following activities:

  • Offering or accepting bribes in any form, which includes offering partial refunds on contract payments.
  • Utilizing any method to receive or provide illegal advantages from customers, agents, contractors, suppliers or a government agency’s employee.
  1. Fair Marketing

PICO pledges to:

  • Advertise its services (including comparisons with competitors, third-party services, or competitors) in an honest and legal manner, without deceit or misleading statements that can potentially deceive or mislead.
  • Communicate information in a just and equitable manner; and
  • Ensure that all information provided is presented accurately and unambiguously, including details on PICO’s business, partnership networks, resources utilized, and services provided.
  1. Fair Labour

PICO acknowledges its social obligation to its employees, society, and the environment in its business operations and recognizes the importance of human rights, as specified in the PICO Code of Conduct.

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