Years Experience

About Us

PICO is a highly-regarded commercial surveyor in Vietnam that has been operating as an independent class-A survey company since 1998. With 25 years of experience in the industry, PICO specializes in three core areas of inspection: Cargo Inspection, Petrochemical Product Inspection, and Marine Survey.

At PICO, we are committed to only creating products that satisfy all requirements, under the law, of customers; ensuring the criteria:

Objectivity – Honesty – Timeliness – Continuous Improvement.

Cargo Inspection

comprehensive & diversified cargo inspection services, designed to limit risks, ensure compliance with regulations and protect valuable goods from damage and loss, achievable average shortage rate of 0.2%.

Petrochemical Product Inspection

providing accurate and reliable information about the quality, safety, and compliance of petroleum, petrochemical, and vegetable oil…

Marine Survey

our experienced team handles all ship-related inspections, no matter the size or complexity, with the latest technology and industry best practices.

Why Us

Why should choose PICO



Time is now appropriate to thank both you and your staff for the professional, prompt, and honest services you have provided to us and our international client base over the past 25 years.


We take this opportunity to express our appreciation for your services and hope your company will get more success and go forwards to a brighter future.


We would confirm that the quality of your services, survey report, and relevant documents were of high standard and we can see accuracy, logical, and diligence from the same.