Inspected cargo

- Agricultural products: rice, corn, wheat, coffee, tea, animal feed, raw cotton, etc

- Foodstuffs: milk, sugar, salt, meat, fish, shrimp, etc

- Vegetable oil: RBD POL (refined, bleached and deodorized palm olein), RBD PS ( refined, bleached and deodorized palm stearin), CPO ( crude palm oil), CDSO (crude degumed soyabean oil)

- Forestry  products: log, saw-plate, saw-log, wooden  chips, rice husk pellets

- Textile & garment, footwear

- Mineral products: coal, ores, sand, stone, clinker, etc

- Steel: steel pipe, cool rolled steel, hot rolled steel, roll steel, steel plate, etc

- Fertilizer: Urea, NPK, Kali, DAP, MOP. MPK, SA, etc

- Machinery and equipments

- Project cargo, bulky cargo, oversize cargo, overweight cargo

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